Silvia Cobos Embroidered Flat Mules Wholesale Shoes Green

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If you’re looking for first-rate leather shoes for women these green embroidered flat mules wholesale shoes are the solution. They bring complacency, a new sense of style and the they can easily become the perfect accessory for your outfit. An amazing alternative to the common high heels or flats.

Green is mostly related to growth, harmony, freshness and many other affirmative things in life. Not to mention the embroidery that makes sure you stand out from the crowd while feeling at ease because of wearing a pair of these embroidered flat mules wholesale shoes in green.

These embroidered flat mules wholesale shoes are made of haired cow leather to guarantee their lastingness, and they’re embroidered with beads at the top to give them a distinguished style. Accessories you should have to complement your outfit.

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