Funat Natural Extracts of Calendula

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  • Funat Gelcure with Calendula for Improved Scarring during the Healing Process of the Skin. (2.5oz) Regenerador Celular.
  • Natural cosmetics created to help the healing process of the skin with moisturizing properties. Indicado para ayudar en pieles en proceso de reparacion.
  • Contains Natural Extracts of Calendula, Horse Chestunut, and Deodorized Onion. Contiene Calendula, Aloe Vera, y Cebolla desodorizada. Libre de parabenos.
  • Directions: Apply a sufficient amount on affected area, several times a day. Modo de Uso: Aplicar una cantidad suficiente en el área afectada, varias veces a día
  • Natural Products You Can Trust!

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