FIORE ETERNA | Colombian Natural Preserved Roses Flowers That Last a Year

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Because roses say it better, this is a beautiful way to give your clients a product that stands out. These are natural preserved roses that can last a year and brighten not only places, feelings, or celebrations, but they also make your business grow bigger. Allow these beautiful roses be part of your business, and let your sales reach the sky.

  • 100% Colombian natural roses.
  • Carefully harvested by Colombian floriculturists.
  • These Roses have a 3.9" diameter and a 21.6" stem, making them much more elegant than other roses.
  • An excellent gift idea for anniversaries, birthdays, or any other celebration.
  • Also perfect for home, office, and other room decor.
  • Available in 8 beautiful colors: Blue, Fuchsia, Light Pink, Orange, Porcelain, Red, Yellow, and Salmon.

🌷 What clients should know to make these eternal roses last longer:

  • These long-lasting roses must be kept in a dry environment and away from direct sunlight.
  • Avoid any contact with water, crushing, pressing, or folding their petals.
  • They only need occasional dust removal using a small brush or a dry tissue.

🌷 Show your clients the meaning of each Rose's color:

🌹 Red: The universal way to express love to another person.
πŸ’ Pink: This rose is perfect for Valentine's Day.
🎁 Yellow: An idea, bright as its color, for a graduation or birthday gift.
πŸ’ Blue: Ideal for Mother's Day.
πŸ‘°πŸ» Porcelain: Great for a wedding bouquet.
πŸ’ Salmon: A serious color for a very important question.

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