P-EZ Female Urinal Device

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After an operation, getting to and on a toilet can be a bigger pain than the actual surgery for weeks!

Imagine struggling to get out of bed, somehow wiggling out of an undergarment, only to struggle to find a way to use the bathroom without sitting down…. All while feeling the strong urge to “go.”

It's not the easiest thing to do, and we wouldn't wish it on our worst enemy.

Since sitting is not an option after a BBL, it is both unpleasant and painful, we knew things had to change. That's why we created a portable urinal for women that is spill proof and funnel shaped for easy usage.

Our P-EZ Female Urinal Device:

  • Makes Going "#1" Comfortable & Quick
  • Stops You From Sitting on Toilet
  • Is Portable & Easy To Clean
  • Helps You Avoid Dirty Toilet Surfaces

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