CID AS4003 Womens High Waisted Jeans

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Womens high waisted jeans are now at hand for you to turn your business into a place full of style and high quality. Get this opportunity to renew your website or store with blue high waisted jeans and let the clients come to you by thousands.

Allow your clients to find womens high waisted jeans to be worn every day and to be matched with countless tops. The opportunities will be endless with these blue high waisted jeans and their multiple benefits.

The stretch cotton denim, polyester and Lycra in these womens high waisted jeans is something to be happy about. You can now offer high-quality materials, practical features and stylish blue high waisted jeans that only Pal Negocio could provide.

This is the opportunity you were looking for your business! The chance to sell a best seller, we are talking about our womens high waisted jeans with all benefits and features. Their 5.5 inches boot fit, the high waisted design to control your clients lower abdomen and the 3 front buttons turn these blue high waisted jeans into something worthy of having in your store or website.

  • Choose your own brand - the brand will be printed out on the products' labels.
  • Select the styles you want - Choose from the variety we set up for you.
  • Ask for product samples - You will be able to look, feel, and test the quality of the product.
  • Personalized your order by choosing the size, color, and style. - You can now satisfy your clients' needs and preferences.
  • Receive your product - They will be delivered on your boutique or business doorsteps
  • Our prices have products, shipping, and customs clearance included. - You buy, we handle the rest. * It applies to any payment method (credit card, checks or electronic transfer)

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