CID AS3B05 Flower Embroidered Jeans

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These flower embroidered jeans are the best chance to provide your clients with a superlative booty lift that get buttlocks enhanced and a bootylicious look. Our wholesale womens jeans are comfy and sexy and can be an excellent sales opportunity for your store or website.

Our flower embroidered jeans can be used for infinite occasions: parties, a casual get-together or even a date. PalNegocio offers wholesale womens jeans that your clientele can use to boost their everyday outfit. It's time for your business to get into high-quality products and great sales.

Stretch Cotton denim, Polyester, and Lycra. You can now provide flower embroidered jeans with a quality your competitors won't be able to match. Your store will be the first to sell wholesale womens jeans that are skin-smooth comfy and sexy.

3 front buttons, phone size back pockets, and a skinny boot design. Yes! You can access our new flower embroidered jeans and enjoy their features. They are great wholesale womens jeans for you to upgrade your store or website with Colombian quality products.

  • Choose your own brand - the brand will be printed out on the products' labels.
  • Select the styles you want - Choose from the variety we set up for you.
  • Ask for product samples - You will be able to look, feel, and test the quality of the product.
  • Personalized your order by choosing the size, color, and style. - You can now satisfy your clients' needs and preferences.
  • Receive your product - They will be delivered on your boutique or business doorsteps
  • Our prices have products, shipping, and customs clearance included. - You buy, we handle the rest. * It applies to any payment method (credit card, checks or electronic transfer)

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